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Roof Repair

Repair Roof Leaking in Sydney

Roof Leaking & Repairs Sydney

Fix Damage and Leaks Effectively

Repairing roof leaks quickly and effectively is critical to protecting the exterior and interior of your house or business. A Star Roofing has a thorough damage detection process to find the cause of leaks. We make repairs with quality products using proven techniques to make sure leaks do not reoccur.  Our expert roofers will give you an honest assessment upfront, and not try to sell you a complete roof replacement when a repair is all you really need.

Signs of roof damage and leaks:

  • Tapping noises in your ceiling when it rains.
  • Brown stains on the ceiling or walls.
  • A damp feeling in the house or building.
  • Broken, cracked, or loose roof tiles or other roof fixtures.
  • Rust on roof fixtures.
  • Water overflowing from your gutters.
  • Missing flashing or flashing that is peeling back.

We take roof repair in Sydney seriously, and will take steps to minimize water damage before repairs can be made. If the damage is caused from a storm, your repairs might be covered by insurance. Our experience can help you navigate the confusing details of insurance claims.

Preventing Roof Leaks

With regular roof cleaning and maintenance, your roof can look better, work more effectively, and last longer. A Star Roofing offers professional and affordable cleaning and maintenance services for all roof types. If you have a tile roof, see our Roof Restoration page for information about restoration as maintenance.

If you have a roof repair concern, or want to learn more about roof cleaning, contact A Star Roofing today. Your roof protects your home, your family, and your property. It deserves our experience, dedication, and quality.